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Trail-Ready: A Review of Goodyear Newton Trail Tyres for Various Terrains

Review: Goodyear Newton Trail Tyres

When it comes to mountain biking, the right tyre can make all the difference. The Goodyear Newton Trail tyres are designed to provide excellent grip and control, but how do they fare across different terrains? Here’s our take after putting these tyres through their paces.

Orbea Laufrey on the Borrowdale Bash, testing the Goodyear Newton Trail tyres

Performance on Dirt, Loam, and Grass

One of the standout features of the Goodyear Newton Trail tyres is their exceptional grip on softer surfaces. Whether you’re riding on dirt trails, loamy sections, or grassy fields, these tyres perform admirably. The tread pattern is aggressive enough to dig into the softer ground, providing a stable and confident ride. This makes them ideal for trail riding where these conditions are prevalent.

Front and Rear Specific Design

The Goodyear Newton Trail tyres come in front-specific and rear-specific versions, each with different tread patterns tailored to their roles. The front tyre is designed for enhanced steering control and grip, while the rear tyre focuses on providing traction and stability. This dual design ensures better performance and handling, giving riders more confidence on various trail conditions.

Challenges on Rock

While the Newton Trail tyres excel on softer terrains, they face challenges when it comes to rocky surfaces. The traction tends to drop significantly on rocks, making it difficult to maintain control and stability. This is especially noticeable when climbing over rocky sections. The tyres can lose grip, making it harder to maintain momentum and balance. If your regular rides involve a lot of rocky climbs, you might find these tyres less reliable. The loss of grip on rocks can lead to a less predictable ride, which is something to keep in mind depending on your usual trails.

Overall Impression

In summary, the Goodyear Newton Trail tyres are a solid choice for riders who frequent dirt, loam, and grassy trails. Their grip on these surfaces is outstanding, providing a secure and enjoyable ride. However, if your riding includes a significant amount of rocky terrain, particularly with climbing, you may need to consider a different option that offers better performance on hard, rocky surfaces.

For those looking to maximize their trail riding experience on softer grounds, the Goodyear Newton Trail tyres are worth considering. Just be cautious if your rides venture into rockier territories with challenging climbs.

Goodyear Newton Trail front tyre


What are your thoughts on the Goodyear Newton Trail tyres? Have you had a different experience? Share your insights in the comments below!

Happy riding! 🚴‍♂️💨


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